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Global Speakers Network – A quick recap…

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Being your GLOBAL BEST @ Global Speakers Summit! -Dec 2013

Learn how to develop your Speaking Business Globally from the Best of
Bureaus, Meeting and Event Professionals, Consultants, Coaches and
Professional Global Speakers.

It was a fantastic GSN session that truly had the best of the best in
presenting and sharing valuable insights to the members. Huge thanks to
Shep Hyken,  Holly Duckworth, Claire Smith, Corbin Ball, Brian Palmer, Jim
Keppler, Rich Gibbons, Scott Friedman!!!

Attendees were given an opportunity to share their valuable insights and
knowledge too on their global speaking experience, broken into 3
categories – A. Best Travels Apps for Speakers, B – Research for New
Countries, C – Health Tips while traveling for speakers.  Great resources
for all!

Block this Date!

Global Speakers Network (GSN) Meeting @ National Speakers Association
Convention will be happening on June 28, 2014 (Sat) from 2 – 6 pm