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President’s Message – December 2016

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nabil-dos-2016-130Dear Federation Leaders and Members,

We have a very exciting year ahead of us!

2017 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Global Speakers Federation, as the original Federation agreement was signed by Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE, NSA US President, and the late Warren Evans, CSP, HoF, in 1997 in Anaheim, California.

At the time, founding member associations included Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Unites States of America. 20 years later, the Federation boasts 13 member associations (14 with Namibia officially joining soon) with over 5,000 members worldwide.

2017 will also mark the launch of our new Board structure and governance, which will most certainly further propel the collaborative mindset instilled by our Founding Fathers and take it to new heights.

As I look back at the the amazing work that has been accomplished in 2016 to make this happen, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and collaboration throughout the year, with special thanks to:

  • Executive Committee members for your relentless efforts to make it happen.
  • Council Members and Association Leaders for your constant support and involvement in the transition process.
  • All Committee and Task Force members, particularly the members of the Council to Board Transition Task Force for the long hours spent on drafting the new structure and Bylaw.
  • GSF Past Presidents, for your comforting presence and wisdom in a time of transition.
  • GSF Association Leaders who have so kindly hosted me at their national conventions.

I look forward to our first official Board meeting which will take place on the third week of January (date and time to be announced soon), and to my upcoming visits as I complete my Federation Tour over the next few months.

Until then, rest well, eat well and enjoy every minute of being at home with your loved ones. Have a magnificent Holiday and may 2017 bring us Peace, Love, and Laughter!


With gratitude,

Your 20th Global Speakers Federation President,

Nabil Doss