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A New Era Begins For The Global Speakers Federation

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screen-shot-first-board-meeting-amOn Sunday January 22nd, Nabil Doss, GSF President, led the inaugural meeting of the Global Speakers Federation Board! It was a historic occasion, where the efforts of many leaders culminated in making the new governance structure a reality.

Nine of the 13 GSF member associations were represented at the meeting, which was held using Zoom technology, together with the current Presidential Leadership Team. Of particular note was the presence of Dr. Gustav Gous, President of the Federation’s latest member association, PSA Namibia.

Special Thanks: Nabil acknowledged the great efforts of many people who have worked tirelessly to create the Federation’s new structure. Specific thanks went to Bob Parker, CSP, Dr. John Molidor, CSP, Michael Smith, Shari Bricks, and Lenora Billings Harris, CSP for their exceptional contribution in working tirelessly to create the new governance structure.

Communication Will Be Key: President Elect Shirley Taylor commented that communication will be pivotal as we move forward under the new structure, and our virtual channels are ramping up. All GSF social media sites are listed below this post. Please join in the discussions.

Global Speakers Summit: Vice President Elias Kanaris announced the next Global Speakers Summit, which will take place in Auckland, New Zealand on February 23-26, 2018. Mark your calendars now. Registration will be announced very soon!

All members of the GSF Board will work to ensure the growth of the speaking profession globally. They will be instrumental in making the GSF relevant to their association’s members, to advocate and promote a global mindset, and to set the example themselves by sharing best practices and worst challenges within this powerful network.

President Nabil Doss commented, “As Directors of the GSF Board, and as representatives of your country’s association, you are now an intrinsic part of the Federation. Together, I am convinced we will create value for you, for your respective associations, and for the Federation as a growing entity… and we will probably have fun in the process!

I strongly believe that if we can harness our collective potential, together we will unleash our G-Force!”


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GSF Welcomes PSAN Namibia

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The relatively young Professional Speakers Association of Namibia, (PSAN) received some excellent news just before Christmas when the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) informed them that their application for membership has been approved.

The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia is now a full member of the Global Speakers Federation, joining the elite ranks of similar associations in the USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, South Africa and Brazil.

The driving force behind PSAN’s application, Dr Gustav Gous, said “To belong to the esteemed worldwide community of global speakers in the GSF was a dream for the speakers, trainers and coaches in Namibia. Thank you for the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the world. We hope to learn a lot but also to contribute our unique perspective and expertise from this corner of Africa – the Republic of Namibia!”

The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia was constituted in May last year after Dr Gous realised the need for a self-regulating professional body. Born in Namibia, he operated from South Africa, yet never expected his local work to lead him to heading a professional body for Namibian speakers. He is a former President of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

The board of the newly constituted PSAN ran a number of successful meetings in Windhoek and one in Swakopmund. From these meetings, it transpired there are about 60 Namibians who make their living as professional speakers, coaches and trainers.

Candy Ngula is the Windhoek Chapter President and Coen Welsh in Swakopmund. The rest of the board comprises Gustav Gous (President); Sam Shivute and Sigi Lange, Vice Presidents; Brendan Ihmig for web and media affairs, and additional board members, Nelson Matheus, Eliaser Nekwaya, and Michael Chikwililwa.

Dr Gous said, “Because of the great effort by the board and the great support by the people, the Global Speakers Federation saw that we are serious in our efforts, and allowed us just before Christmas into the international fold of recognised international speakers. Namibian speakers can now officially apply for international certification such as the CSP, standing for “Certified Speaking Professional”.

In a letter from Executive Director of the Global Speakers Federation, Shari Bricks, she wrote, “On behalf of the Global Speakers Federation, congratulations on leading the effort for the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia to become our newest association member! We are thrilled to have you and your members as part of the GSF community”.



Dr Gustav Gous (right) waiving the Namibian flag on behalf of the professional speakers, coaches and trainers of Namibia, at the meeting of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) in Phoenix, Arizona. The official application for the local speakers association to join the GSF was handed in at this meeting in July last year. The approval was finally received in December 2016. Dr Gous is shown here with the current President of the Global Speakers Federation, Nabil Doss from Canada.