Ambassador Award

The Federation bestows the prestigious International Ambassador Award to recognize those who have made an obvious, substantial, and sustained contribution to the professional speaking industry and community over many years.

Each Federation member organization nominates potential recipients each year. The award is presented by the Council of the Federation when one nominee is seen by Council to stand ‘head and shoulders’ above other nominees that year. There have been only 11 recipients in the past 30 years (the first 3 recipients having been awarded the International Ambassador by NSA, prior to the formation of the International Federation).


Congratulations to our winners...

In December 2013 at the Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver, the GSF was pleased to award two prestigious awards to two very deserving individuals.

The Federation bestows the International Ambassador Award to a person who is recognized as a global ambassador for the advancement of the speaking profession.  The recipient should be a person who consistently and continually contributes to the growth of international relations between professional speakers around the world, and who’s outstanding commitment and dedication to our profession is obvious is to us all.

GSF member associations had the opportunity to nominate a candidate for this award and the names that were presented to us in the Fall of 2013 were all very worthy of this recognition.  Based on our criteria and process, our 2013 International Ambassador Award recipient was Alan Stevens, FPSA PSAE.  Alan is a past President of the Global Speakers Federation and a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland and has contributed endless hours to the Federation over the past 10 years.  Congratulations Alan!!

Past Ambassador Award Winners

In 2012, the Beverly Babb Award for Extraordinary Service was created and awarded to Beverly Babb, CAE for her commitment to the advancement of the Global Speakers Federation.  The award was created to recognize the service of individuals who have contributed strongly to the foundational growth of the GSF and/or one of our member associations. This award recognizes individuals who typically serve “behind the scenes” without expectation of recognition or reward.  They may not be well known across borders but have contributed extraordinarily to the growth, strength and substance of the Global Speakers Federation.

At the Global Speakers Summit, the Beverly Babb Award for Extraordinary Service was presented to Claudia Haider, from the German Speakers Association. Claudia had been instrumental in creating, managing and growing the German Speakers Association (GSA), to the highest standards and levels of respect. During her time with the GSA she contributed on the GSF Executive Council and has been a regular attendee at NSA and other GSF member association conventions. Congratulations Claudia!!