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2.7 years.

961 days.

23,069 hours.

1,384,128 seconds…

As we finished our AGM and Board meeting in July 2018, we had a ticking timebomb staring us in the face. With the expenditure rate outstripping our revenues, we realised that it was a matter of time before we would need to close the doors and end the journey that started in July 1997.

It has been recognised that the last three years had been turbulent ones for the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), with the move from Council to Board (which included a re-write of our bylaws and policies) and the rebranding of the Global Speaking Fellow (from the older CSPGlobal). These initiatives had been labour-intensive and had consumed a lot of resources from our volunteer leadership team and Bond as our Association Management Company.

In addition, on the positive side, there had been the introduction and welcome of three new Associations to our fold – PSAN, NSA Sweden and PAPS – helping the GSF to increase our extended reach to over 5,500 (a 2.5% increase in 2018 alone!) speakers globally.

However, we started the 2018 financial year projecting a $13K deficit in budget and inherited a run-rate projection in July 2018 that would have seen us increase our financial deficit to around $20K by December 31st, 2018. This has been in part due to the decrease in Global Speaking Fellow applications (we had budgeted 10 and realised only 4 applications), and a budgeted revenue gain from GSS2018 that was forecast at $5K and unfortunately had not been realised. This was counter-balanced with our projected expenses for the year, which were in line with the budget forecast.

To help us stem the tide of financial losses, we set up a Finance Committee, headed up by Martin Laschkolnig and Steve Lowell, CSP. After a series of meetings by the Finance Committee, and review of the draft 2019 budget with the Steering Committee, we were pleased to announce that significant headway was made to address our budgets, stem our losses and provide a level of growth within our reserves going forward.

The Finance Committee had also recognised work put in place by the Steering Committee and approved by the Board to remedy the revenues on two initiatives that will help to generate the funds to reflect the workload for Bond. These include:

  1. Increasing the fees for a new Association to join the GSF (that has increased from $500 to $1,995)
  2. Increasing the fees to apply for the Global Speaking Fellow designation (that has increased to $995 from $499)

During this year, and in the forthcoming year, we anticipated that there will be fewer labour-intensive initiatives. So, with this in mind, we reviewed the budgets for 2019 and saw some positive indications:

  • We worked with Bond to review the scope of services provided to the GSF which subsequently reduced monthly contract fees (which covers the admin side of running the Federation)
  • We reduced the Presidential travel budget and shared the travel within the Presidential Leadership Team for proximity to events to keep costs down, along with video messaging when travel was not permissible

In parallel to this work, we introduced a Strategy Committee, which was led by Liz Weber, CSP and Tiffany Kemp, FPSA. With their sterling work, we have introduced a three-year strategic plan. It has five pillars:

  1. Achieve financial sustainability
  2. Strengthen the Global Professional Speakers Association community through education, networking and collaboration
  3. Become industry data resource for members and media
  4. Attain greater global awareness of and demand for the paid speaking profession
  5. Implement a transition/exit plan

I’m pleased to report that we have seen traction across the Board in these initiatives. I want to thank each Board member (and/or their designate) who has volunteered to head up an area and for their contributions to keep this vision vibrant and alive.

During the year that I served, we have implemented a change in policy that affected the Presidential travel. In addition to reducing our travel budgets, we have shared the workload amongst the Presidential Leadership Team (PLT). Instead of sending me to represent the GSF in South Africa and Namibia, Europe or Singapore and Malaysia, we shared that responsibility amongst the team. For example, it made much more sense to have Shirley, who lives in Singapore, attend the APSS and MAPS conventions, and for Paul to travel from Holland to attend the PSASA, PSAN and AFCP (European) conventions. This has translated to a more fiscally responsible position for the GSF.

In our 2019 budget we have included a new line item of $7,500 to be put in place for additional strategic project execution (for example, projects recommended by the Strategy Committee) beyond the mere administration side of running the Federation.

All this to say, we are confident that we can deliver a positive financial bottom line for 2019, which is expected to produce a surplus of income over expenses in excess of $10K (or even more if we don’t need to tap into the new $7,500 line item)! As you will see from our P&L Statements, we have already delivered $15,123.20 of profit as of June 30th. We continue to track ahead of budget and anticipate this continuing through to 31st December 2019.

The other significant accomplishment was the resolution of the annuity that we had. The initial investment of $50,000 has accrued $12,313.40 of interest as of February 2019. This annuity is now in the name of the Global Speakers Federation, with Shari Bricks identified as the annuitant. The good news, from a financial perspective is that I will be handing over $101,522.63 in assets (as of June 30, 2019) to Paul for the year that he serves.

As I complete this year that I have served, I feel confident that we have financial stability and a viable strategy that can see the GSF deliver value to our members for the foreseeable future. I wish to thank the members of the PLT, Finance Committee, Strategy Committee, Steering Committee, our Board of Directors and Bond for their assistance in making this positive step forward for the future viability of the GSF.

Now I have 372 days – 8,928 hours or 214,272 seconds – left as Immediate Past President (not that I’m counting!).

Elias Kanaris
GSF President (2018-2019)


GSF Past Presidents gather at NSA Influence 2019

GSF Past Presidents gather at NSA Influence 2019

GSF is an Inclusive Organization

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In light of a recent post on the German Speakers Association (GSA) website, and subsequent commentary throughout various social media outlets, the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), as a representative of its member speaking associations, hereby distances itself from publications in which groups of people or people of a particular faith are discriminated against, even if it is meant as a joke or as an example in the context of writing humor. The GSF is an inclusive organization. We, as the Presidential Leadership Team of the GSF, believe that our speakers’ worlds are open to everyone and we make no distinction. We respectfully ask our member association leaders to refrain from publishing discriminatory or offensive content and to exercise caution in these areas.

Paul ter Wal, LLM CSP FPSA
President of the GSF


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At the recent Global Speakers Federation Annual Meeting in Denver, GSF President, Elias Kanaris, was pleased to present two awards to these remarkable individuals.

Beverly Babb Award For Extraordinary Service
Martin Laschkolnig

Martin Laschkolnig Beverly Babb Award The Beverly Babb Award recognizes the service of individuals who have contributed strongly to the foundational growth of the Federation and/or member associations.

This award recognizes individuals who have typically served behind the scenes without expectation of recognition or reward – someone who has contributed extraordinarily to the growth, strength and substance of the Federation.

This year’s Beverly Babb Award was given to Martin Laschkolnig, who has just completed 10 years of service with the Federation. A past President of GSA, Martin has been a strong contributor to the GSF, serving as a member of the Steering Committee as well as the Finance Committee

Congratulations, Martin, and many thanks for your huge contribution to the GSF over the years.


President’s Award for Service
Liz Weber, CSP

Liz Weber, CSP, President's AwardEach year, the GSF President has the opportunity to present a special award to someone who made outstanding, visible, and very much appreciated contributions to the Federation during that presidential year.

President Elias Kanaris thanked Liz Weber, CSP for her leadership in enabling the Federation to articulate and define our 3-year strategy. Liz, who is the NSA representative on the GSF Board, an active participant on the Steering Committee and led the Strategy Committee, put a lot of effort to ensuring that the momentum gained in this FY continues to drive initiatives that add value to our members.

Congratulations and thank you, Liz.



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At the GSF Board Meeting in Dallas, Texas on July 14, 2018, outgoing President, Shirley Taylor (shown here with past Presidents of the Federation and the current leadership team), reported on progress in 5 key areas:



1. Harmonization

This year we started a few Harmonization initiatives, and progress on these initiatives will continue in the coming year. Harmonization will be even more important as the Federation grows. Many thanks to the leaders of these Harmonization task forces.

2. Global Designation

Thanks to Alan Stevens for leading the task force that revised the criteria and process for the global designation. Several months ago, applications were invited for the Global Speaking Fellow, and several were received. Brian Walter (NSA President 2017-18) and I were pleased to welcome the first two new Global Speaking Fellows at NSA’s International Day – many congratulations to Dr Helen Turnbull and Alan Berg.



We must now work on inviting more applications for this designation. This is an income generator for the Federation, and a non-dues revenue generator for each association, so I’d love to see all of us work on promoting this more. Let’s spread the word to over 700 CSPs and FPSAs worldwide. You can see the criteria and application form here.


3. Global Speakers Summit 2018

This was one of the highlights of the year for me and I know also for many of us. After a long gap of 4 years, NSA New Zealand took on the huge task of organising the Global Speakers Summit and making it an enriching four day event. I must acknowledge here the fantastic work done by the GSS chair Mike Handcock, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, as well as the whole team involved.

What stood out for me at GSS 2018 were the people, the camaraderie, the friendships, the collaboration. There were 240 delegates at GSS 2018, with 186 people from all 15 GSF associations, and a total of 21 countries were represented. Now that’s what I call a Global Speakers Summit.

4. Communication and Collaboration

Communication is something that will never stop being a priority for the Federation. I’m happy that we’ve seen an increase in people using our GSF Speaker Community Facebook group. I’m keen to see how we can encourage more engagement in this group, with people sharing resources, and engaging in discussions. We now have GSF Global Ambassadors at our associations, and I’d like to see us mobilizing these Ambassadors more, getting their help to share Federation news within their home associations, and helping to create a wider awareness of all associations’ events and activities.

5. Growth

gsf-heart_of_our_community-2018The Federation has grown again this year, with us welcoming the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers as the 15th association in our global community. Plus there is interest from several other countries who are very keen to join us.

Growth also led us to restructuring. If we look back to this time last year, Nabil had led the Federation through the important first year of our transition to the new Board structure. To quote Nabil from his report last year: “With this new structure, we have given ourselves the means to create one of the most powerful masterminds on the planet. It’s up to us to take advantage of our tremendous combined brainpower to resolve our challenges with a concerted and collaborative mindset.”

This new structure is serving us well, and strengthening communication between all Board and Steering Committee members and the leadership team will continue to be a focus.

Grateful Thanks

I can’t finish my report today without some thanks: First, to everyone who served on committees and task forces, a huge thank you for your time, energy, support and service to the Federation.

Also, to all the associations I’ve visited this year, thank you to everyone for the very warm welcome and of course all the hugs. I’ve learned so much about our associations, their leadership and their members as I’ve travelled around. It’s also made me much more spontaneous and flexible, with last minute TV interviews, last minute podcast interviews, last minute switches from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, 15 minutes to 5 minutes, being a round table host, and judging speaking contests. I think this is so important to mention because (a) it’s helped me to grow, and (b) the President’s role is ultimately to serve, whether it’s for 5 minutes, 15 or 45.

And Finally…

shirley-magic-wandAs you know, the gavel sits in front of us all here at every annual meeting. The gavel was a gift from the Founding Chairman to future generations of leaders. So we have Warren Evans to thank for this.

As we continue into our third decade, I’d like to use my magic wand again for one final wish. May we always remember and honour the man who gave us the gift of this gavel – Warren Evans – as well as all the leaders who have gone before us. And let’s never forget these words inscribed on the gavel: Wisdom in Service to the Future Good of the Whole, which the gavel story explains as:

“This is not a forum for advancing or protecting individual interests. It’s a place where we can collectively create a better future.”

I look forward to working with you all as we continue creating and shaping an even bigger and greater global community, with the Global Speakers Federation at the very heart!

Shirley Taylor, CSP
GSF President 2017-18

July 14, 2018



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At the recent Global Speakers Federation Annual Meeting in Dallas, GSF President, Shirley Taylor, was pleased to present three awards to these remarkable individuals.

Beverly Babb Award For Extraordinary Service
Lindsay Adams, CSP, HoF, Global Speaking Fellow



The Beverly Babb Award recognizes the service of individuals who have contributed strongly to the foundational growth of the Federation and/or member associations.

This award recognizes individuals who have typically served behind the scenes without expectation of recognition or reward – someone who has contributed extraordinarily to the growth, strength and substance of the Federation.

This year’s Beverly Babb Award was given to Lindsay Adams, who has just completed 11 years of service with the Federation.

Congratulations, Lindsay, and many thanks for your huge contribution to the GSF over the years.

President’s Award for Service
Nabil Doss, Immediate Past President

nabil-shirley-presawardEach year, the GSF President has the opportunity to present a special award to someone who made outstanding, visible, and very much appreciated contributions to the Federation during that presidential year.

President Shirley Taylor thanked Nabil for his leadership in taking the Federation through the transition to a new structure.

She also thanked him for his contribution, service, and support, and for always keeping at heart the vision and mission of the Federation.

Congratulations and thank you, Nabil.

President’s Award for Service
Shari Bricks, Executive Director



President Shirley Taylor surprised Shari Bricks by giving out a second President’s Award.

Shirley praised Shari for her hard work and contributions during the year, and for always offering very welcome advice and huge support.

Congratulations and thank you, Shari.


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john-molidor-edited-2The Global Speakers Federation’s (GSF) Board of Directors and its Presidential Leadership Team are pleased to announce that Dr. John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP has been selected as its Vice President for 2018-2019 and will serve as its President in 2020-2021.

The GSF supports and provides resources to help develop associations of professional speakers worldwide. The GSF currently comprises 15 independent speaker associations representing over 20 countries.

Dr. Molidor comes to the GSF from the National Speakers Association (NSA) of the United States, where he has served as a Board Member, Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. He currently chairs the GSF Strategic Planning Committee and is a member of Steering Committee and Board of Directors.

During his tenure as a NSA-US member, Dr. Molidor developed, proposed, and implemented the Four Es of Professional Speaking Competencies (i.e., Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise, and Ethics). He then linked these competencies to a certification process by designing, revising, and updating the evaluation process to include both external and internal reviews for the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. He has also been a strong voice for moving the speaking profession from a club-mentality to a professional mind set in order for it to thrive into the future.

Dr. Molidor has a long-standing interest and fascination with the functioning of our brains. He has presented internationally on the ‘Neuroscience of Speaking’ and is finalizing work on the ‘Neuroscience of Leadership.’ During his non-speaking moments, Dr. Molidor can be found at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he is a Professor of Psychiatry, Community Dean, and the CEO/President of a non-profit educational organization that brings together three teaching hospitals with a Big Ten University.

In a recent message to GSF leadership, Dr. Molidor shared his observations on recent Federation enhancements and his focus for the future:

“The GSF has undergone some major changes during the past year: a new governance structure, a new Bylaw, and new policies. These developments and changes have been in place for approximately 17 months. Our next steps in the coming months will be to review these changes and to make any adjustments and modifications that reflect how we are (and will be) addressing the Federation’s mission and its future impact.

This is a pivotal time in the development, evolution, and growth of the GSF. Given that our Federation relies on the talents and energies of individuals, given that our financial resources remain an issue, and given that there is a need to be crystal clear on the value that we provide to our member associations, I will be reaching out to you for your counsel, insights, and input. I also feel strongly that it is imperative that we be as inclusive as possible, especially given the vagaries of our current global climate. Our viability, strength, and future depend on our diversity.

I am humbled and honoured to have run for this position with Mia Liljeberg, a trusted colleague and friend. I look forward to working with Mia as well as each of you in the coming years.

I will bring my heart, soul, and brain to this endeavour and new role, and I look forward to my years of service to the GSF.”

GSF International Ambassador Award 2018 goes to Fredrik Härén, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow,

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fredrik-and-shirleyAt the Global Speakers Summit in Auckland, New Zealand, on 26 February 2018, President Shirley Taylor presented the GSF International Ambassador Award 2018 to Fredrik Härén, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow.

The International Ambassador Award is the highest accolade awarded by the Global Speakers Federation. This special award recognizes those who have made an obvious, substantial, and sustained contribution to the speaking profession and community. It recognizes someone who stands out from the many contributing to the development of our community globally.

To find out more about GSF awards and past recipients, please visit this link.

Fredrik is well known as a global speaker, having delivered over 2000 speeches in 65 countries on 6 continents. He is also passionate about helping others. In his home community of APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore), he has mentored over 150 members, helping them find their ‘inner theme’.

On congratulating Fredrik at the special ceremony in New Zealand, attended by 200 speakers from many different countries, GSF President, Shirley Taylor, CSP, said:

“It gave me huge pleasure to issue the International Ambassador Award to Fredrik Haren. He is a member of not just one but five GSF member associations. He helped to form a speaking association in his home country of Sweden, and he has also encouraged people in other countries to form speaking associations. Fredrik is truly a global speaker, and he is now doing all he can to help other speakers to be better speakers.”

The Global Speakers Federation Welcomes The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) As Its 15th Member

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I am very proud to announce that at the Global Speakers Federation Board Meeting in January, the Board unanimously voted to accept the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) as the 15th member of the Federation.

When he heard the news, Founder and President of PAPS, Lloyd Luna, immediately issued a statement saying, “We are grateful to have been given an opportunity to serve the industry that we all serve and love. From all of us here in the Philippines, we thank you for this honor. We are excited for what’s coming!”

You can see the longer statement issued by PAPS here.


With 90 members at present, and growing, PAPS looks set to extend the reach of the professional speaking industry to a lot more people in the Philippines.

Who will be the 16th association to join the Federation? If you are interested in setting up an association in your country, please visit this link to see the criteria and requirements for joining the Federation.


Shirley Taylor, CSP
GSF President 2017-18



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As you may know, our global designation ‘Global Speaking Fellow’ has been on hold for some time while the Standing Committee has been reviewing the application process and the criteria for this global designation.

I’m now very pleased to announce that the GSF Board of Directors recently approved the recommendations put forward by the Global Designation Standing Committee. You can learn more about this in my video message.

Our GSF website has been updated with all the details about the Global Speaking Fellow designation, including FAQ, competency framework, application process, and fees, so do click on the link and take a look at all the new pages.

We are now accepting online applications for this global designation, and we’re looking forward to conferring some new Global Speaking Fellows in February at the Global Speakers Summit.

If you are a Certified Speaking Professional – conferred by the National Speakers Association (USA) or by Professional Speakers Australia – or if you are Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland – we look forward to receiving your application very soon for Global Speaking Fellow.

All the best for 2018, and I hope to see you at the Summit.

Shirley Taylor, CSP
President 2017-18
Global Speakers Federation

GSF Executive Director Shari Bricks Receives Canada 150 Nation Builder Award

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shari-bricks-caps-2017At the recent CAPS convention in Ottawa, participants were happy to brave the cold and snow to visit Parliament Hill and take a tour around the Parliament buildings. What an honour it was, very kindly hosted by David Sweet, MP, who was the first National President of CAPS in 1996.

During this special anniversary year for Canada, there have been celebrations for many important figures. However, as David Sweet said, “to properly and completely celebrate this historic year, we must also recognize that we would not have advanced and prospered as a nation as we have to date without the contributions of many dedicated – and often unrecognized – community volunteers, activists, and leaders.”

What a surprise it was when he honoured our very own GSF Executive Director, Shari Bricks, by presenting her with the Nation Builder Award. The wording on her certificate states, “I am pleased and honoured to recognize Shari Bricks for outstanding commitment and dedication to the growth and prosperity of our community and indeed Canada.”

I’m sure you will want to join me in congratulating Shari for this huge honour. Thank you, Shari, for all the work you do for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and for the Global Speakers Federation, as well as all the other associations that you represent.

On behalf of the Global Speakers Federation leadership team, we salute you and thank you for your service.

Shirley Taylor, CSP
President 2017-18
Global Speakers Federation