GSF Awards


There are 3 awards bestowed by the Federation:

1. International Ambassador Award

2. Beverly Babb Award

3. President’s Award


1.  International Ambassador Award

The GSF administers and selects the International Ambassador Award with the purpose of recognizing those who have made an obvious, substantial, and sustained contribution to the speaking profession and community. It is not mandatory that there be a recipient every year. It is intended to recognize those who stand out from the many contributing to the development of our business globally.

In addition to their contributions to the industry and profession, recipients will have:

  • Achieved success in their own business
  • Earned a reputation for impeccable ethics
  • Acquired significant experience speaking in a variety of countries
  • Contributed to the cementing of member relations on an international level
  • Represented/embodied the spirit and intent of our professional associations as described in the values, mission statements and code of ethics of each association
  • Used the platform as a forum for generating international goodwill
  • Worked to build a speaking community of respect, tolerance and inclusiveness
  • Served as a mentor of future leaders

Previous recipients of the International Ambassador Award


2.  Beverly Babb Award For Extraordinary Service

In 2012, the Beverly Babb Award for Extraordinary Service was created and awarded to Beverly Babb, CAE for her commitment to the advancement of the Global Speakers Federation. 

The Beverly Babb Award recognizes the service of individuals who have contributed strongly to the foundational growth of the GSF and/or the member associations.

This award recognizes individuals who typically serve “behind the scenes” without expectation of recognition or reward. They may not be well known across borders or even in their home association, but have contributed extraordinarily to the growth, strength and substance of the organization.

  • The award is bestowed to a member or staff person of a GSF association.
  • The recipient will have actively contributed a high-level of service for a minimum of three consecutive years.
  • Recipients must have maintained active membership or employment in their GSF association for more than four years cumulatively.
  • The recipient(s) may be selected by the sitting GSF President and should be individuals that receive the strong endorsement of the GSF Presidential Leadership team. The GSF President may solicit suggestions from the Presidents of member associations but is not required to do so.
  • The award can be presented for past service as deemed appropriate even if the recipient is no longer actively serving. The award may be bestowed posthumously.

Previous recipients of the Beverly Babb Award


3.  President’s Award

Each year, the GSF President has the opportunity to present a special President’s Award. This award is presented to one person for outstanding and visible contributions to the Global Speakers Federation. There is no membership or time criteria associated with this award. The recipient may have been serving for less than a year and may or may not have been an association member. Their contribution was simply outstanding and very much appreciated during that presidential year.

Previous recipients of the President’s Award