Past Recipients of the President’s Award



Landi Jac, Mike Handcock, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow and the Plan B Summit Team 

Mike Handcock and Landi JacIn late January 2020, Mike and Landi stepped up when they heard the planned Global Speakers Summit, scheduled to be held in Swakopmund, Namibia was in jeopary of not proceeding.  Knowing so many speakers from around the globe had travel plans made, hotels booked, and with the pandemic in its extremely early stages, Mike and Landi stepped into action to deliver a highly successful and memorable Plan B Summit, held in February 2020, in Swakopmund, Namibia.  As Mike so rightly said “Plan B became a theme for 2020 for all of us. The event was brilliantly supported by Shari and Nikola of course”.

Thank you Mike and Landi, and your entire team for delivering the Plan B Summit and your support of the GSF and all its member countries!


Liz Weber, CSP 

Liz Weber, CSP, President's AwardPresident Elias Kanaris thanked Liz Weber, CSP for her leadership in enabling the Federation to articulate and define our 3-year strategy. Liz, who is the NSA representative on the GSF Board, an active participant on the Steering Committee and led the Strategy Committee, put a lot of effort to ensure that the momentum gained in this FY continues to drive initiatives that add value to our members.

Congratulations and thank you, Liz.


nabil-shirley-presawardNabil Doss, GSF President 2016-17

President Shirley Taylor was thrilled to present this year’s President’s Award for Service to Nabil Doss. During his years of service to the Federation, Nabil has made consistent and visible contributions. Shirley particularly recognised Nabil’s leadership in taking the Federation through the transition to its new board structure, as well as his constant support during her term as GSF President. Thank you, Nabil, for always keeping at heart the vision and mission of the Federation.


shari-shirley-presawardShari Bricks, GSF Executive Director

President Shirley Taylor surprised Shari Bricks by presenting her with a President’s Award for Service. As Executive Director for many years, Shari works hard behind the scenes keeping many plates in the air and making a valuable contributions to the Federation. Shirley particularly thanked Shari for her strong support during her term as President. Thank you, Shari, for always keeping us on track, and for being such a strong advocate and supporter of the Federation.


john-molidorDr. John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP

President Nabil Doss recognized the contribution made by John Molidor. John’s knowledge and expertise were very much appreciated in helping to create the new Board structure for the Federation. This new structure will prove pivotal as the Federation begins its third decade.


scott-friedmanScott Friedman, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

President Jonathan Low recognized the contribution made by Scott in supporting many GSF initiatives. He helped to facilitate the kick off of the first PSA ME meeting in Dubai. He also Invested time and effort to hold huge CSR efforts in Malaysia to raise the awareness of MAPS and the GSF in this area.

Through ‘Together We Can Change the World’, Bersama Kita Boleh Week was held in Malaysia from May 22-26, 2016, including lots of stage time for GSF and in positioning MAPS as the voice of the speaking industry. Together We Can Change the World’ raised RM 50,000 for 10 homes/NGOs in Malaysia. This was good exposure for the Global Speakers Federation and the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers


kstrin-arnold-2015-presidents-awardKristin Arnold, CSP

President Lenora Billings-Harris recognized the contributions  to GSF’s success made by Kristin Arnold. As an expert in facilitating high-stakes strategy sessions, Kristin guided our first multi-day face-to-face strategic planning session for the executive committee. Because of her efforts, we were able to develop the first structured strategic plan for GSF. Her efforts helped us capture the many facets of GSF and set priorities. The resulting document was used by GSF presidents in subsequent years and it helped provide context to the reorganization that occurred in the following years. 

Additionally, Kristin has maintained an interest in the Global Speakers Summit as the keystone event of GSS. Her suggestions and willingness to volunteer helped GSF leaders as they revamped the event.





No Recipient

Sid Ridgley, CSP and Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE


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