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john-molidor-edited-2The Global Speakers Federation’s (GSF) Board of Directors and its Presidential Leadership Team are pleased to announce that Dr. John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP has been selected as its Vice President for 2018-2019 and will serve as its President in 2020-2021.

The GSF supports and provides resources to help develop associations of professional speakers worldwide. The GSF currently comprises 15 independent speaker associations representing over 20 countries.

Dr. Molidor comes to the GSF from the National Speakers Association (NSA) of the United States, where he has served as a Board Member, Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. He currently chairs the GSF Strategic Planning Committee and is a member of Steering Committee and Board of Directors.

During his tenure as a NSA-US member, Dr. Molidor developed, proposed, and implemented the Four Es of Professional Speaking Competencies (i.e., Expertise, Eloquence, Enterprise, and Ethics). He then linked these competencies to a certification process by designing, revising, and updating the evaluation process to include both external and internal reviews for the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation. He has also been a strong voice for moving the speaking profession from a club-mentality to a professional mind set in order for it to thrive into the future.

Dr. Molidor has a long-standing interest and fascination with the functioning of our brains. He has presented internationally on the ‘Neuroscience of Speaking’ and is finalizing work on the ‘Neuroscience of Leadership.’ During his non-speaking moments, Dr. Molidor can be found at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, where he is a Professor of Psychiatry, Community Dean, and the CEO/President of a non-profit educational organization that brings together three teaching hospitals with a Big Ten University.

In a recent message to GSF leadership, Dr. Molidor shared his observations on recent Federation enhancements and his focus for the future:

“The GSF has undergone some major changes during the past year: a new governance structure, a new Bylaw, and new policies. These developments and changes have been in place for approximately 17 months. Our next steps in the coming months will be to review these changes and to make any adjustments and modifications that reflect how we are (and will be) addressing the Federation’s mission and its future impact.

This is a pivotal time in the development, evolution, and growth of the GSF. Given that our Federation relies on the talents and energies of individuals, given that our financial resources remain an issue, and given that there is a need to be crystal clear on the value that we provide to our member associations, I will be reaching out to you for your counsel, insights, and input. I also feel strongly that it is imperative that we be as inclusive as possible, especially given the vagaries of our current global climate. Our viability, strength, and future depend on our diversity.

I am humbled and honoured to have run for this position with Mia Liljeberg, a trusted colleague and friend. I look forward to working with Mia as well as each of you in the coming years.

I will bring my heart, soul, and brain to this endeavour and new role, and I look forward to my years of service to the GSF.”

GSF International Ambassador Award 2018 goes to Fredrik Härén, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow,

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fredrik-and-shirleyAt the Global Speakers Summit in Auckland, New Zealand, on 26 February 2018, President Shirley Taylor presented the GSF International Ambassador Award 2018 to Fredrik Härén, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow.

The International Ambassador Award is the highest accolade awarded by the Global Speakers Federation. This special award recognizes those who have made an obvious, substantial, and sustained contribution to the speaking profession and community. It recognizes someone who stands out from the many contributing to the development of our community globally.

To find out more about GSF awards and past recipients, please visit this link.

Fredrik is well known as a global speaker, having delivered over 2000 speeches in 65 countries on 6 continents. He is also passionate about helping others. In his home community of APSS (Asia Professional Speakers Singapore), he has mentored over 150 members, helping them find their ‘inner theme’.

On congratulating Fredrik at the special ceremony in New Zealand, attended by 200 speakers from many different countries, GSF President, Shirley Taylor, CSP, said:

“It gave me huge pleasure to issue the International Ambassador Award to Fredrik Haren. He is a member of not just one but five GSF member associations. He helped to form a speaking association in his home country of Sweden, and he has also encouraged people in other countries to form speaking associations. Fredrik is truly a global speaker, and he is now doing all he can to help other speakers to be better speakers.”

The Global Speakers Federation Welcomes The Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) As Its 15th Member

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I am very proud to announce that at the Global Speakers Federation Board Meeting in January, the Board unanimously voted to accept the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS) as the 15th member of the Federation.

When he heard the news, Founder and President of PAPS, Lloyd Luna, immediately issued a statement saying, “We are grateful to have been given an opportunity to serve the industry that we all serve and love. From all of us here in the Philippines, we thank you for this honor. We are excited for what’s coming!”

You can see the longer statement issued by PAPS here.


With 90 members at present, and growing, PAPS looks set to extend the reach of the professional speaking industry to a lot more people in the Philippines.

Who will be the 16th association to join the Federation? If you are interested in setting up an association in your country, please visit this link to see the criteria and requirements for joining the Federation.


Shirley Taylor, CSP
GSF President 2017-18



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As you may know, our global designation ‘Global Speaking Fellow’ has been on hold for some time while the Standing Committee has been reviewing the application process and the criteria for this global designation.

I’m now very pleased to announce that the GSF Board of Directors recently approved the recommendations put forward by the Global Designation Standing Committee. You can learn more about this in my video message.

Our GSF website has been updated with all the details about the Global Speaking Fellow designation, including FAQ, competency framework, application process, and fees, so do click on the link and take a look at all the new pages.

We are now accepting online applications for this global designation, and we’re looking forward to conferring some new Global Speaking Fellows in February at the Global Speakers Summit.

If you are a Certified Speaking Professional – conferred by the National Speakers Association (USA) or by Professional Speakers Australia – or if you are Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland – we look forward to receiving your application very soon for Global Speaking Fellow.

All the best for 2018, and I hope to see you at the Summit.

Shirley Taylor, CSP
President 2017-18
Global Speakers Federation

GSF Executive Director Shari Bricks Receives Canada 150 Nation Builder Award

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shari-bricks-caps-2017At the recent CAPS convention in Ottawa, participants were happy to brave the cold and snow to visit Parliament Hill and take a tour around the Parliament buildings. What an honour it was, very kindly hosted by David Sweet, MP, who was the first National President of CAPS in 1996.

During this special anniversary year for Canada, there have been celebrations for many important figures. However, as David Sweet said, “to properly and completely celebrate this historic year, we must also recognize that we would not have advanced and prospered as a nation as we have to date without the contributions of many dedicated – and often unrecognized – community volunteers, activists, and leaders.”

What a surprise it was when he honoured our very own GSF Executive Director, Shari Bricks, by presenting her with the Nation Builder Award. The wording on her certificate states, “I am pleased and honoured to recognize Shari Bricks for outstanding commitment and dedication to the growth and prosperity of our community and indeed Canada.”

I’m sure you will want to join me in congratulating Shari for this huge honour. Thank you, Shari, for all the work you do for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and for the Global Speakers Federation, as well as all the other associations that you represent.

On behalf of the Global Speakers Federation leadership team, we salute you and thank you for your service.

Shirley Taylor, CSP
President 2017-18
Global Speakers Federation

President’s Message – August 2017

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What an honour it is to become the 21st President of the Global Speakers Federation, 2017-2018.

With 14 associations currently part of the Federation, I’m sure our Founding President, Warren Evans, would be very proud.

As we begin the Federation’s third decade, we are operating under an important new structure. Now, each of our current 14 Federation member associations is represented on the GSF Board of Directors by the association President or designate. Each Board member is in a very privileged position, one that carries with it the power to help influence the next decade.

With several new associations on their way to becoming members, your Federation is growing. If everyone works together this year, I think we will be setting ourselves up to create the foundations for a wonderful third decade full of growth and opportunities.

Thank you again for putting your trust in me to serve as the 21st President of the Global Speakers Federation. I am honoured to be standing on the shoulders of the giants who have come before me.

I promise you that I am committed to putting my heart and soul into this coming year, and to spreading the word that the Global Speakers Federation is at the very heart of our community.

I hope you will enjoy watching the video of my President’s Message for the coming year… and watch out for a few surprises along the way 😉

Shirley Taylor, CSP

2017-18 President of the Global Speakers Federation

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Global Speakers Federation

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At our GSF business meetings in Orlando on 8 July 2017, the Board of Directors and guests celebrated the Federation’s 20th anniversary.

In July 1997, leaders from NSA USA, CAPS, PSA (then NSAA) and NSA NZ approved the formation of what was originally the IFFPS (International Federation For Professional Speakers).


In this photograph are current leaders from each of these 4 associations cutting the cake to celebrate this momentous occasion.

There are now 14 speaking associations around the world that are part of the Global Speakers Federation. Just this year, we were proud to welcome two new associations from Namibia and Sweden. And watch this space because we hope to welcome some more associations to our global community very soon.




The Founding Chairman of the Federation, the late Warren Evans, said,

“The Federation creates numerous opportunities to enhance professionalism, grow markets and improve businesses.”




Leading the Federation into its third decade is 2017-18 President Shirley Taylor, seen here at our July 2017 meeting with GSF Past Presidents and Executive Director.


In her inaugural address, Shirley said: “I feel very proud to be taking on the role of the 21st President of the Global Speakers Federation. I also feel very blessed to be standing on the shoulders of some speaking giants who have filled this role before me, and I am grateful for your support. As we enter the Federation’s third decade, I hope to encourage more effective collaboration, so that we can all work together effectively to shape an even greater global community where we keep enhancing professionalism, growing markets and improving businesses.”


Here’s to the third decade of the Global Speakers Federation… at the very heart of our community.

GSF Annual Service Awards 2016-17

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At the recent Global Speakers Federation Annual Meeting in Orlando, GSF President, Nabil Doss, was pleased to present two awards to these remarkable individuals.

Presidential Award For Service
Dr. John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP



GSF congratulates and recognizes the contribution made by John.

John’s knowledge and expertise were very much appreciated in helping to create the new Board structure for the Federation.

This new structure will prove pivotal as the Federation begins its third decade.

John, thank you for your service and support.



Beverly Babb Award For Service
Bob Parker, CSP

GSF congratulates and recognizes the contribution made by Bob in helping to create the new Board structure for the Federation.

Fondly known as “Bylaw Bob”, he was also instrumental in crafting the Federation’s new Bylaw as well as Policies and Procedures.

Although not able to be there in person, we were proud to present Bob with his award virtually.

Bob, thank you for your service and support.


Report from 2016-17 President, Nabil Doss

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At the GSF Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida on July 10, 2017, outgoing President, Nabil Doss, gave a message of pride, gratitude, and hope.






image-uploaded-from-iosThis year we celebrate the Federation’s 20th anniversary. From the vision of its founding member, the late Warren Evans, the Federation has grown from 4 association members to its current 14. This year we have welcomed Namibia and Sweden, and in the very near future we hope to welcome at least two more associations.

This year, we also celebrate the successful transition to a Board structure – a structure that signifies a movement of unity, of collaboration between nations. This structure creates a space where we can discuss best practices, future trends, opportunities and threats, and resolve our challenges to help our individual associations thrive.

Nabil stressed the importance of engagement from each member of the Board to achieve this goal. Only with engagement from this democratic body can we all thrive. Indeed, it is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to empower their own leadership, revitalize their own associations, and positively impact our global community in the process.

We also celebrate the creation of the first European convention in Antwerp. With 9 associations represented at the event, this is very encouraging.

With the 5th Global Speakers Summit planned for February 2018 in New Zealand, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on our Leadership and our Legacy on this Global Journey.


Nabil thanked numerous people for their support during the year. He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and give back to this unique community.

In his own words, “In the process, I received so much, learned so much and enjoyed the journey so much. I will remember the past 12 months forever; a journey around the world which took me to 11 countries, spending 25 days attending and speaking at conventions, while racking up 158 hours of flying and close to 100,000 nautical miles.”



In conclusion, Nabil felt that the future for the Federation has never looked so bright. There is much to be accomplished, of course, but he commented that with leaders like Shirley Taylor, Elias Kanaris and Paul ter Wal, as well as commitment from Board and Steering Committee members, the future is in good hands. Here is outgoing President Nabil Doss being thanked for his leadership and presented with his crystal gavel gift from new GSF President 2017-18, Shirley Taylor.

Let’s leave the final words here to Nabil Doss: “We have laid the groundwork for a powerful community-based network. The Phoenix has well and truly risen, and the future has never looked so bright. Now it’s time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and work together to let it deploy its wings and soar.”


Happy 20th Anniversary to the Global Speakers Federation!
Here’s to the next 20 years, and more!

The Global Speakers Federation Welcomes Their New Vice President 2017-18

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The GSF Presidential Leadership Team is delighted to announce that Paul ter Wal, CSP, FPSA, will become the next Vice President 2017-18, on the road to becoming GSF President 2019-20.

Paul has a varied background, first practicing law for 10 years, then moving into consultancy, and eventually starting his own consultancy firm in 1995. Increasingly, he started finding himself on stage telling his own story. This led him to becoming co-founder of PSA Holland in 2006, and serving for two years as their second President.

As well as serving at local level in Holland, Paul served for 8 years at international level as a member of what was then the Federation’s Executive Council, followed by two years on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and Secretary.

Paul makes a point to attend many international conventions. Having chaired 7 conventions for PSA Holland, he became co-chair for the Global Speakers Summit in Amsterdam in 2011.

With previous experience serving with Rotary International for 18 years, and now with the Global Speakers Federation, it’s clear that serving is in his DNA.

After seeing the transition from the IFFPS to the GSF and from Executive Council to the new Board and Steering Committee structure, Paul is excited about the Federation’s future. He feels the new structure will mean more open communication and collaboration, with all association leaders being more actively involved.

Let’s leave the last words here to our new Vice President, Paul ter Wal:

“I’m honoured and proud to be chosen as the next Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation. I’m looking forward to supporting the presidential team as we work to grow the Federation and also help our associations and speakers learn from each other and perform better.”