Global Speakers Federation Your affiliation to a worldwide organization

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As I have travelled around the world to the various Conventions, I am thrilled to see a real enthusiasm and buzz about speaking globally and a desire to learn more and more about the GSF and how individuals can benefit from what we offer.

I am so excited to report such positive interest in the CSPGlobal and of course to be able to present the designation at PSASA (Southern Africa) and APSS (Singapore) to those newly earned and those not able to be present at The Summit in Vancouver. Our CSPGlobals are proud to be using the new designation on their intros and materials already and we have truly hit the spot with the recognition this designation deserves.

We are continuing to work hard on clarifying the benefits to your members of being part of the GSF and our global community and the sharing of resources, and we hope that the attached links and information will assist with this.

Please continue to let us know what you need from us to help your associations to thrive and to give your members what they need to grow their businesses globally and speak more internationally. We’d love to hear from you…

GSF Positioning Statements

Global Speaking Fellow Your visa to worldwide recognition

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The Global Speaking Fellow Recipients designation was developed with the ultimate objective of bringing global value to our Industry by recognizing a category of speakers who have International speaking competencies and expertise.

We invite you to discover this new designation by clicking on the links below and :

Find out how the CSP and the Global Speaking Fellow Recipients designations are complementary to each other…

Note: Global Speakers Fellow application is currently under review. We expect to be accepting new applications by March 2017. Check back soon!

Listen to testimonials from some of our inaugural class of recipients…
(Terry Brock and Roger Harrop)
(Terry Brock Talks with David Lim)

Check out the growing list of recipients…

Global Speaker Fellow Recipients


CSPGlobal – What it means to Professional Speakers

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CSPGlobal – What it means to Professional Speakers

The designation CSPGlobal indicates recognition by peers and clients of global speaking competence and experience. The CSPGlobal designation is a leading indicator that a CSP designee is competent in the core competencies unique to global speaking.

Learn more about the CSPGlobal designation and what this new designation means to you and how it can generate business.

Video showing the inaugural recipients of the Global Speakers Federation’s new designation CSPGlobal.

Interview with Terry Brock and Lesley Everett, President of Global Speakers Federation.