Featured Association: PSA UK-I

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The Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland was founded in 1999 and is a GSF success story currently with about 650 members, over 85 of which are Fellows and 225 are Professional Speaking members with the balance being “Associate Members”

Their Annual Conference “MEGA” is being held in Reading, which is just outside London and very close to Heathrow Airport, at a great Country club venue called Wokefield Park

There are a great array of fascinating inspirational and educational international speakers (many already recoignised at CSP level) including:

  • Ruby Newell-Legner from USA,
  • Jonathan Low from Malaysia,
  • David Newman and Faith Wood from Canada,
  • Sepehr Tarverdian from Iran,
  • Steve Barnett from South Africa.

In addition, they have a wealth of Speakers representing the British Isles, including:

  • Stuart Harris from Scotland, and
  • Nikki Owen, Joy Marsden, and Claire Carpenter from England

The event will be hosted on Friday 9th October and Saturday 10th October and will include loads of Experts sharing their ideas.  You will want to experience “The Speaker Factor” finals, as well as the Friday night street party and comedy night.  The event will conclude on the Saturday evening with a Gala Awards dinner – phew what an event!

On top of that we have our traditional “Speaking Sizzler” on Sunday morning with Lottie Hearn from Ireland, Mel Sherwood from Scotland, and Peter Tyler, Lee Jackson, Anthony Stears, and Vinay Parmar from England to send us home with loads on our “to do” lists.

To reserve one of the few remaining tickets – go here .  Remember that as a GSF member you get to purchase your tickets at the member price.


Welcome to our new President!

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jonathan_lowOn behalf of the Executive Committee, Council  & staff, we are delighted to welcome Jonathan Low, CSP as the new 2015-2016 President of the Global Speakers Federation.  Please take a moment to read Jonathan’s welcome message and browse the photos from the inauguration on July 18, 2015.

Jonathan Low has served on the GSF Executive Committee since 2012. He is Past President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and  the co-founder of PowerUpSuccess.com, one of Asia leading and fastest growing  Sales, Service & Leadership Talent Development Organization.

Jonathan works with executives and their leadership teams throughout Asia and the Middle East to measurably improve their leadership effectiveness and business performance especially in the areas of Service Quality, Sales Performance, Leadership Communication and Team Development. he has more than 25 years of professional & international business experience in executive positions in the hospitality & service industry.

Connect with him at: www.LinkedIn.com/in/jonathanlow

 Global Speakers Federation 2015/16 Presidential Handover & Address



Highlighted Association of the Month – AFCP

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If you are a trainer, consultant, coach, speaker and you either speak French, live in France or want to work more in France – you have come to the right place!
Whether you are experienced or a beginner in the art of speaking (to an audience of 15 people minimum), the AFCP should be the home for you.

Our goal is to help you develop your skills and network in the field of professional speaking in French… in France. Do you:

  • know how to handle the French language?
  • know how to inspire an audience of at least 15 people?
  • speak a second language (preferably English or German)?
  • want to become a renowned speaker, identifiable on social networks?
  • want to ensure the promotion of this wonderful art of speaking?
  • want to create a professional speakers network in your area?

Participate at our next international convention of professional speakers in France August 27-29, 2015!

Photos from the 2015 GSN Symposium in Washington DC

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2014-2015 GSF President

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It is a privilege and humbling responsibility to stand on the shoulders of the founders and all the leaders that followed with the responsibility of honoring their legacy while moving their vision forward for this organization.

When we combine all the associations of the Global Speakers Federation and their individual members, every year we are touching the lives of nearly 1 million people around the globe. Some would say that is not much in the grand scheme of things, but as anthropologist Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

The focus of the work of the Global Speakers Federation is to support and advance our member associations, and to strengthen four emerging core values— Communication, Collaboration, Transparency, Continuity.

Communication to the member associations in more and different ways through the Federation Council representatives and association boards of directors.

Collaboration – There is no shortage of ideas— especially among professional speakers— so association representatives will be engaged in gathering and voicing ideas and transforming them into measurable results that benefit professional speaker associations globally.

Transparency– In today’s world of upheavals and unrest transparency has become more important than ever. So as ideas are converted into action. The Federation will openly and clearly share details with each speaker association.

Continuity– It takes time to implement great ideas with deliberate focused efforts. The Federation has a strong leadership team which includes president-elect Jonathan Low of Malaysia, and Vice President Nabil Doss of Canada . We are united to ensure that in the foreseeable future we will continue to strengthen these four core values – Communication, Collaboration, Transparency and Continuity while expanding the success of the member associations.

I am honored to serve. Together we do make a difference.

We are all in this global profession together. Stated another way with the Zulu proverb— I am because we are. We are because I am. UBUNTU!

Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP
2014-2015 President and Executive Council Chair
Global Speakers Federation

Watch –  GSF Introduction at NSA


Global Speakers Federation Your affiliation to a worldwide organization

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As I have travelled around the world to the various Conventions, I am thrilled to see a real enthusiasm and buzz about speaking globally and a desire to learn more and more about the GSF and how individuals can benefit from what we offer.

I am so excited to report such positive interest in the CSPGlobal and of course to be able to present the designation at PSASA (Southern Africa) and APSS (Singapore) to those newly earned and those not able to be present at The Summit in Vancouver. Our CSPGlobals are proud to be using the new designation on their intros and materials already and we have truly hit the spot with the recognition this designation deserves.

We are continuing to work hard on clarifying the benefits to your members of being part of the GSF and our global community and the sharing of resources, and we hope that the attached links and information will assist with this.

Please continue to let us know what you need from us to help your associations to thrive and to give your members what they need to grow their businesses globally and speak more internationally. We’d love to hear from you…

GSF Positioning Statements