Report from 2016-17 President, Nabil Doss

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At the GSF Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida on July 10, 2017, outgoing President, Nabil Doss, gave a message of pride, gratitude, and hope.






image-uploaded-from-iosThis year we celebrate the Federation’s 20th anniversary. From the vision of its founding member, the late Warren Evans, the Federation has grown from 4 association members to its current 14. This year we have welcomed Namibia and Sweden, and in the very near future we hope to welcome at least two more associations.

This year, we also celebrate the successful transition to a Board structure – a structure that signifies a movement of unity, of collaboration between nations. This structure creates a space where we can discuss best practices, future trends, opportunities and threats, and resolve our challenges to help our individual associations thrive.

Nabil stressed the importance of engagement from each member of the Board to achieve this goal. Only with engagement from this democratic body can we all thrive. Indeed, it is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to empower their own leadership, revitalize their own associations, and positively impact our global community in the process.

We also celebrate the creation of the first European convention in Antwerp. With 9 associations represented at the event, this is very encouraging.

With the 5th Global Speakers Summit planned for February 2018 in New Zealand, we have a unique opportunity to reflect on our Leadership and our Legacy on this Global Journey.


Nabil thanked numerous people for their support during the year. He also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and give back to this unique community.

In his own words, “In the process, I received so much, learned so much and enjoyed the journey so much. I will remember the past 12 months forever; a journey around the world which took me to 11 countries, spending 25 days attending and speaking at conventions, while racking up 158 hours of flying and close to 100,000 nautical miles.”



In conclusion, Nabil felt that the future for the Federation has never looked so bright. There is much to be accomplished, of course, but he commented that with leaders like Shirley Taylor, Elias Kanaris and Paul ter Wal, as well as commitment from Board and Steering Committee members, the future is in good hands. Here is outgoing President Nabil Doss being thanked for his leadership and presented with his crystal gavel gift from new GSF President 2017-18, Shirley Taylor.

Let’s leave the final words here to Nabil Doss: “We have laid the groundwork for a powerful community-based network. The Phoenix has well and truly risen, and the future has never looked so bright. Now it’s time for everyone to roll up their sleeves and work together to let it deploy its wings and soar.”


Happy 20th Anniversary to the Global Speakers Federation!
Here’s to the next 20 years, and more!

The Global Speakers Federation Welcomes Their New Vice President 2017-18

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The GSF Presidential Leadership Team is delighted to announce that Paul ter Wal, CSP, FPSA, will become the next Vice President 2017-18, on the road to becoming GSF President 2019-20.

Paul has a varied background, first practicing law for 10 years, then moving into consultancy, and eventually starting his own consultancy firm in 1995. Increasingly, he started finding himself on stage telling his own story. This led him to becoming co-founder of PSA Holland in 2006, and serving for two years as their second President.

As well as serving at local level in Holland, Paul served for 8 years at international level as a member of what was then the Federation’s Executive Council, followed by two years on the Executive Committee as Treasurer and Secretary.

Paul makes a point to attend many international conventions. Having chaired 7 conventions for PSA Holland, he became co-chair for the Global Speakers Summit in Amsterdam in 2011.

With previous experience serving with Rotary International for 18 years, and now with the Global Speakers Federation, it’s clear that serving is in his DNA.

After seeing the transition from the IFFPS to the GSF and from Executive Council to the new Board and Steering Committee structure, Paul is excited about the Federation’s future. He feels the new structure will mean more open communication and collaboration, with all association leaders being more actively involved.

Let’s leave the last words here to our new Vice President, Paul ter Wal:

“I’m honoured and proud to be chosen as the next Vice President of the Global Speakers Federation. I’m looking forward to supporting the presidential team as we work to grow the Federation and also help our associations and speakers learn from each other and perform better.”

WORLDCLASS! APSS Annual Convention Lives Up To Promises

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WORLDCLASS, they promised! WORLDCLASS, it was. APSS set a real benchmark at this year’s annual convention on May 5-6. With a record attendance of 150, there were not only delegates from Singapore, but also from Australia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Even before the convention started, there was a pre-convention evening with Brian Tracy, which really set everyone up for a great week to come. The evening before convention, there were several different gatherings. President Tom Abbott hosted a Presidents, Speakers and GSF Presidents dinner at his home. Exco member Fredrik Haren hosted overseas delegates at his home. Later that evening, many congregated at Brewerkz at Clarke Quay for more merriment.

The two days of convention were packed with more than 25 sessions from speakers who came from all over the world. They shared their best ideas, insights and knowledge. The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel was just buzzing with new friendships being made, old friendships being renewed, and lots of laughter, fun and sharing.

pres-team-twoGSF Presidential Team: For the first time ever at a GSF event outside North America, the entire GSF Presidential Leadership Team were together at the APSS convention. Here they are in discussion with Fredrik Haren discussing collaborations to recruit more members from around Asia, and thanking him for all his work encouraging more people in other countries to set up a speakers association.


18342562_10156103975422564_3750599503110641909_nFirst Ever CSP Summit: APSS also hosted the first ever CSP Summit in Asia. Held over 1.5 days, the Summit attracted 25 people. After dinner and a sharing session at the home of APSS Founding Member Ron Kaufman, they all met the following day where Fredrik Haren and Andrew Bryant brilliantly facilitated several small group brainstorming sessions. 


p1160176Concluding Thoughts:

This quote from APSS convention chair Jerome Joseph sums everything up:

“Thank you to our WORLDCLASS speakers who gave everything on stage so we could learn and benefit from their experiences. Thanks to our sponsors for their generosity and support. Thank you to the Exco under the leadership of President Tom Abbott who dedicatedly serve the community week after week. Thanks to the entire production team (seen here in this photograph). You all have my gratitude always.”

Congratulations APSS on a WORLDCLASS event! The work will soon begin on planning the 2018 convention, and the dates are already set for May 11-12th, 2018. Over 80 people signed up for next year’s convention before they even left this year’s!

Here’s to another WORLDCLASS APSS event in 2018!


Global Speakers Summit 2018: From Leader To Legacy: A Global Journey

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Drum roll please… Registration is now open for the Global Speakers Summit 2018, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand on February 23-26, 2018. You have until March 31st to pay a $100 deposit payment to secure the Super Early Bird fee of only $995 NZD.

Over the past 10 days, the #GSS2018 organising committee has been together in Auckland. Here with #GSS2018 Chair Mike Handcock is GSS Advisory Board Member Landi Jac, GSF Vice President Elias Kanaris and his wife Kay, GSF Executive Director and GSS 2018 COO Shari Bricks, and GSS Chief Information, Communications and Technology Officer Michael Smith.

Together they have spent long days visiting venues, meeting potential sponsors, planning the #GSS2018 program, and working on the website. They also held a fabulous launch party with the members of NSA NZ that was live streamed around the world. You can check out the recording here.

On the #GSS2018 website – – you can learn more about the country, the venue, the program, and of course you’ll find out how to submit applications to speak at the Summit. The website will be an on-going work in progress, and we will be updating it regularly, so keep checking back.

New Zealand is on the list of “must see” places for many people around the world, so the Global Speakers Summit should give you another really good reason to start planning now. New Zealand was just voted third in the Rough Guide’s Most Beautiful Countries In The World, praising the country’s rolling green hills, majestic mountains, breath-taking fjords and amazing diversity of landscape from one island to the next.

gss2018-commiteeSo don’t wait any longer. You have until March 31st to register at the Super Early Bird fee and pay your $100 deposit. Do it today!   Exchange rates are very favourable.

Link to register:

#GSS2018 Chair Mike Handcock, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, made a personal promise, saying, “My personal promise to you is to put the best people on stage in every breakout, keynote or alternative session and to provide a safe and fun environment to connect and network and to collaborate and create the next version of you.”

With the theme ‘From Leader To Legacy: A Global Journey’, the Global Speakers Summit promises you the latest and best practices in learning, marketing, selling, positioning, branding, stage craft, productization, and much more. By the end of 3 days at the #GSS2018, you will be years ahead. Don’t miss this chance to be part of this Global Legacy.


See you at the Summit!

A New Era Begins For The Global Speakers Federation

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screen-shot-first-board-meeting-amOn Sunday January 22nd, Nabil Doss, GSF President, led the inaugural meeting of the Global Speakers Federation Board! It was a historic occasion, where the efforts of many leaders culminated in making the new governance structure a reality.

Nine of the 13 GSF member associations were represented at the meeting, which was held using Zoom technology, together with the current Presidential Leadership Team. Of particular note was the presence of Dr. Gustav Gous, President of the Federation’s latest member association, PSA Namibia.

Special Thanks: Nabil acknowledged the great efforts of many people who have worked tirelessly to create the Federation’s new structure. Specific thanks went to Bob Parker, CSP, Dr. John Molidor, CSP, Michael Smith, Shari Bricks, and Lenora Billings Harris, CSP for their exceptional contribution in working tirelessly to create the new governance structure.

Communication Will Be Key: President Elect Shirley Taylor commented that communication will be pivotal as we move forward under the new structure, and our virtual channels are ramping up. All GSF social media sites are listed below this post. Please join in the discussions.

Global Speakers Summit: Vice President Elias Kanaris announced the next Global Speakers Summit, which will take place in Auckland, New Zealand on February 23-26, 2018. Mark your calendars now. Registration will be announced very soon!

All members of the GSF Board will work to ensure the growth of the speaking profession globally. They will be instrumental in making the GSF relevant to their association’s members, to advocate and promote a global mindset, and to set the example themselves by sharing best practices and worst challenges within this powerful network.

President Nabil Doss commented, “As Directors of the GSF Board, and as representatives of your country’s association, you are now an intrinsic part of the Federation. Together, I am convinced we will create value for you, for your respective associations, and for the Federation as a growing entity… and we will probably have fun in the process!

I strongly believe that if we can harness our collective potential, together we will unleash our G-Force!”


Global Speakers Federation – Useful Links

GSF Website –

GSF Blog –


GSF Page –

GSF Speaker Community Group –


Speaker Community Group –



GSF Welcomes PSAN Namibia

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The relatively young Professional Speakers Association of Namibia, (PSAN) received some excellent news just before Christmas when the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) informed them that their application for membership has been approved.

The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia is now a full member of the Global Speakers Federation, joining the elite ranks of similar associations in the USA, Germany, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, South Africa and Brazil.

The driving force behind PSAN’s application, Dr Gustav Gous, said “To belong to the esteemed worldwide community of global speakers in the GSF was a dream for the speakers, trainers and coaches in Namibia. Thank you for the opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the world. We hope to learn a lot but also to contribute our unique perspective and expertise from this corner of Africa – the Republic of Namibia!”

The Professional Speakers Association of Namibia was constituted in May last year after Dr Gous realised the need for a self-regulating professional body. Born in Namibia, he operated from South Africa, yet never expected his local work to lead him to heading a professional body for Namibian speakers. He is a former President of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

The board of the newly constituted PSAN ran a number of successful meetings in Windhoek and one in Swakopmund. From these meetings, it transpired there are about 60 Namibians who make their living as professional speakers, coaches and trainers.

Candy Ngula is the Windhoek Chapter President and Coen Welsh in Swakopmund. The rest of the board comprises Gustav Gous (President); Sam Shivute and Sigi Lange, Vice Presidents; Brendan Ihmig for web and media affairs, and additional board members, Nelson Matheus, Eliaser Nekwaya, and Michael Chikwililwa.

Dr Gous said, “Because of the great effort by the board and the great support by the people, the Global Speakers Federation saw that we are serious in our efforts, and allowed us just before Christmas into the international fold of recognised international speakers. Namibian speakers can now officially apply for international certification such as the CSP, standing for “Certified Speaking Professional”.

In a letter from Executive Director of the Global Speakers Federation, Shari Bricks, she wrote, “On behalf of the Global Speakers Federation, congratulations on leading the effort for the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia to become our newest association member! We are thrilled to have you and your members as part of the GSF community”.



Dr Gustav Gous (right) waiving the Namibian flag on behalf of the professional speakers, coaches and trainers of Namibia, at the meeting of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) in Phoenix, Arizona. The official application for the local speakers association to join the GSF was handed in at this meeting in July last year. The approval was finally received in December 2016. Dr Gous is shown here with the current President of the Global Speakers Federation, Nabil Doss from Canada.

President’s Message – December 2016

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nabil-dos-2016-130Dear Federation Leaders and Members,

We have a very exciting year ahead of us!

2017 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Global Speakers Federation, as the original Federation agreement was signed by Patricia Ball, CSP, CPAE, NSA US President, and the late Warren Evans, CSP, HoF, in 1997 in Anaheim, California.

At the time, founding member associations included Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Unites States of America. 20 years later, the Federation boasts 13 member associations (14 with Namibia officially joining soon) with over 5,000 members worldwide.

2017 will also mark the launch of our new Board structure and governance, which will most certainly further propel the collaborative mindset instilled by our Founding Fathers and take it to new heights.

As I look back at the the amazing work that has been accomplished in 2016 to make this happen, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support, enthusiasm, and collaboration throughout the year, with special thanks to:

  • Executive Committee members for your relentless efforts to make it happen.
  • Council Members and Association Leaders for your constant support and involvement in the transition process.
  • All Committee and Task Force members, particularly the members of the Council to Board Transition Task Force for the long hours spent on drafting the new structure and Bylaw.
  • GSF Past Presidents, for your comforting presence and wisdom in a time of transition.
  • GSF Association Leaders who have so kindly hosted me at their national conventions.

I look forward to our first official Board meeting which will take place on the third week of January (date and time to be announced soon), and to my upcoming visits as I complete my Federation Tour over the next few months.

Until then, rest well, eat well and enjoy every minute of being at home with your loved ones. Have a magnificent Holiday and may 2017 bring us Peace, Love, and Laughter!


With gratitude,

Your 20th Global Speakers Federation President,

Nabil Doss

President’s Message – November 2016

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nabil-dos-2016-130New GSF Board: More than meets the eye!

As we are about to officially transition from our current Council governance model and launch the new Board structure this coming January, there is a lot of action happening below the surface…

Thanks to many of you who have actively contributed to the creation of a sound Global Speakers Federation governance model, we are looking forward to the operational benefits as well as the collaboration mindset this new structure will bring.

In the new model, essentially, each Member Association will have a seat on the new GSF Board of Directors with one vote. By default, Association Presidents will be designated to sit on that Board, however, should they not wish to do so, it will be their privilege to designate another officer of their association to represent them.

This bold step forward will ensure all Associations remain connected at top level and take an active role in the decision-making process. That means both Association Leaders and GSF Officers will be on the same team, therefore facilitating communication, promoting cross-pollination, and, more than ever, contributing to the sharing of best practices amongst affiliated members.

Following the unanimous approval of the Board structure last July at the Council meeting held in Phoenix, a tactical group originating from the Task Force who originally devised the new structure, was formed to specifically look at the Federation Bylaw – a daunting task brilliantly carried by Bob Parker, CSP, Michael Smith, Shari Bricks and Dr. John Molidor, CSP.

Two Zoom call information sessions were then held to present current Council Members and Association Presidents with the propsed Bylaw and gather their thoughts and recommendations. We thank all participants for their invaluable feedback (which has immediately been implemented by the Tactical Group) and the final Bylaw document is now pending approval by the Council (stay tuned for notice of motion coming your way in the next few days!), we will be ready to deploy our wings in mid-January.

Read more about the process below, as Bob Parker, CSP and Member at Large further explains the process.

Although this project has mobilized most of your Executive Committee’s efforts and resources for the past year, and more intensively in the past months, various committees and task forces have also been quite active…

I invite you to read on and find out what exciting projects are in the works and how you can contribute and be part of this unique Global movement in the Speaking Industry and Profession.

Together, let’s continue to unleash our G-Force!


Globally yours,
Your President,

Nabil Doss
2016-2017 GSF President
Together, let’s unleash our G-Force!

4 Quick Tips to Avoid Bad Meetings

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There are few things more frustrating than a meeting where nothing gets done.  People walk out feeling frustrated, angry and upset.  Useless meetings will cause a TEAM to break down forcing them to digress back into a group that is driven by personal agendas and ego.  Bad meetings are bad news for building strong TEAMs. 

Here are a few easy tips to keep your meetings on track to support the success of your TEAM.

Step #1:  Have a pre-written agenda

Wait! Don’t stop reading.  I know you have heard this before.  But whether the meeting is formal or informal, short or long, have a written agenda and then stick to it.

Included in your agenda should be items such as:

  • Start Time and End Time

People like to know when the meeting is going to start, but more importantly when it is going to end.  Aim to start all meetings on time and never let your meetings run over.  Nothing says, “I disrespect your time” more than a meeting that runs over!

  • Participants

Having meeting participants’ names on your agenda can create accountability.  Members can’t be anonymous.  Make sure that people who are attending the meeting really need to be there. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

  • Information Items with TIME FRAME

People are good at talking. Be sure that you have a space for people to give information, but you dictate exactly how much.  By giving people a time frame, people will have to consider what information to add and more importantly what information to not add.

  • Action Items

This is where business and decisions take place.  Make certain that if there is a decision that needs to be made by the time the meeting has adjourned that everyone knows the action items of the meeting.  There is nothing more frustrating then getting to the action items and running out of time. 


Step #2: Review the agenda at the beginning of the meeting

This step seems simple but many facilitators think that since they passed the agenda out beforehand that they do not have to read the agenda aloud.  That is a very big mistake. Start the meeting by reading the complete agenda.

This accomplishes several things. 

  1. It gets everyone on the same page and ready for the meeting.
  1. Many associations have a problem with people showing up late.  Reading the agenda buys the facilitator a little bit of time so that he or she will not have to repeat as much when people walk in late, and also establishes that you are going to always start on time! 
  1. Facilitating a meeting is not an easy task and makes many people nervous.  If you are facilitating a meeting, reading the agenda allows you to do something that will help to focus you and to help you manage your nerves so you can have a successful meeting.

Reading the entire agenda at the beginning of the meeting is a great facilitation tool that many Chairs miss out on.  Read that agenda.


Step #3:  Teach “The 7 Fundamental Motions” used during most meetings.

If you are running a formal meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order it is essential that you teach your members how to use it properly.  Members do not have to become experts they need to understand the basics.  For example, in my Robert’s Rules Made Simple Online Training I review the 7 Fundamental Motions used during most meetings.

  1. The Main Motion
  2. Amendment
  3. Amend the Amendment
  4. Refer to a Committee
  5. Postpone to a Certain Time
  6. Lay on the Table
  7. Previous Question

Teach your members the basics first.  Many groups spend the year fighting with Robert’s Rules instead of taking the time to learn it.  Bring in someone to teach it or to conduct a webinar. Provide training tools such as Robert’s Rules Made Simple Solution. But remember even Robert’s Rules of Order is a team tool. It is no good if only one person knows how to use it. Commit to teaching your entire board the basics!

Step #4:  Ask for participation

Sometimes in meetings, it is not uncommon to hear from the same people over and over again.  We need to find ways to not discourage those who actively participate but find ways to encourage others to participate.  Here is an example of a couple of things a person chairing a meeting can say to stimulate discussion from people who are not participating and to manage those who are participating too much:

“I have noticed that there are several people we have yet to hear from.  Does anyone we have not heard from have something to add?”

“These are all great points but is there anyone with a different opinion we haven’t heard from yet?”

“I would like to encourage those we have yet to hear from to please share their understanding of the topic at hand?”

Great meetings include the voices of both the majority and the minority, the loud and the soft-spoken.  It is crucial that members feel comfortable and are invited to participate.

While this list can go on forever, it is essential to remember that nothing de-motivates people more then meetings where work doesn’t get done.  If you want to be a TEAM you have to run great meetings!


The author of this blog, Susan Leahy MA CSP, is a loving, powerful, committed woman.  She is a certified speaking professional as well as the co-founder of Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions a training and consulting organization that supports clients to build a “Culture of TEAM” by empowering the individual.  Susan is also the creator of Great TEAMs run great meetings, and Susan’s webinars and online training products are used by thousands of boards across the US & Canada to run more effective meetings. Susan’s has also launched “The Confident Woman Program” a movement that connects women to their confidence while elevating the condition of women worldwide.  Stronger Women Leads To a Better World!

To learn more about Susan Leahy MA CSP visit her at

President’s Message – October 2016

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From Ulm to Nottingham… It’s a small world after all!

After the magnificent GSA convention hosted by President Martin Laschkolnig and his team in Ulm, set in beautiful Bavaria, I headed out to Nottingham, the land of Robin Hood, to attend a stellar PSA UK & Ireland convention, hosted by President Tim Luscombe and his team.



At the GSA Ulm Convention Banquet (from left to right): Martin Laschkolnig, President, GSA; Nabil Doss, President, Global Speakers Federation;and John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP, President, NSA

At the PSA UK & Ireland Convention Banquet (from left to right): John B. Molidor, Ph.D., CSP, President, NSA; Nabil Doss, President, Global Speakers Federation; and Lee Jackson, starting his term as PSA UK & Ireland President.



Much to my surprise, many of my fellow speakers and friends whom I saw in Ulm, were also in Nottingham, still learning, still sharing, and still growing their expertise with their extended tribe.



As an Association Leader, are you taking full advantage of your membership affiliation to the Global Speakers Federation to learn, share, and grow your association and your network?

One of the tangible benefits the Global Speakers Federation is the opportunity it brings you to attend any convention from our 13 member associations at member’s price. This is a priceless benefit (pun intended!) which has a triple impact:

  • It raises our members profiles and expertise, which positively impacts our profession.
  • It nurtures cross-pollination and networking, which expands our members reach.
  • It showcases best practices, which can in turn be imported and implemented in our respective organisations.

Each association brings a different flavour to their convention based on local culture, language, rituals, and traditions. It creates a rich learning environment and further broadens our horizons and our global savviness.


Are you taking advantage of this unique benefit?

While I understand that, as a leader, your plate must be quite full serving your national association while keeping your speaking business afloat, I still encourage you to make the time in your busy agenda to visit a few countries and participate in their conventions. The rewards are exponential; both professionally and personally… and your home association will certainly benefit from your learnings in the process!

Our most influential leaders in the Federation have criss-crossed the world and attended their fair share of conventions… still craving for this magic trilogy: learning, sharing, growing.

The spotlight is now on Edmonton (in Canada) where the CAPS convention is getting ready to take place on the first weekend of December.

Are you planning to be there? I certainly am!


Globally yours,

Nabil Doss
2016-2017 GSF President
Together, let’s unleash our G-Force!