Bringing Value to Global Clients and Conference Organizers

With so much invested in the success of a global event, it is critical to have experienced, proven presenters to help meetings and event professionals reduce risk and increase the potential for successful events.  With the input of Global Event Professionals and International Conference Presenters, the Global Speakers Federation has created a designation to support the success of global events.  The CSPGlobal is a designation created for the global conference industry.

Increase Value and Limit Risk

Our global partners in the meetings profession are working to create a successful experience for their attendees. They understand the multitude of elements that must be managed for a successful global event. Knowing that the speakers for the conference are prepared to deliver the content the audiences need in a way they will be able to understand, is critical to the successful global meeting professional. The GSF provides complimentary tools and resources to those working in this high-stakes environment.  We are driven to create shared success and value at a global level.



CSPGlobal Criteria


The designation, CSPGlobal is conferred on those who have proven mastery of the core global speaking competencies over a minimum of three years, received favorable reviews by the clients who have hired them, demonstrated sustainability as a global presenter, presented professionally in a designated percentage of the macro geographical (continental) regions / geographical sub-regions as defined by the United Nations, earned the favorable reviews of peers in the profession, and passed the verbal knowledge assessment.

The first requirement of the CSPGlobal application is that the applicant currently holds the CSP. The CSP is conferred by qualified member associations of the GSF.  In local markets, the CSP is the internationally recognized certification for professional speakers. 

For those who wish to expand beyond their local markets, the GSF makes available the educational content to guide those working across continents.  The GSF confers the complementary addition to the CSP designation with the “Global” indicator: CSPGlobal. 

Educational Content is available through this site to advance a speakers global work.

CSPGlobal Application


The application process is designed to determine a CSP has met the standards and criteria of the global designation. CSPs who achieve the global designation may display the mark on their collateral materials and notify the hiring public that they are CSP with GSF-verified global speaking experience and competence. 

Applicants must demonstrate practical proficiency in the competency areas through submitted evidence, peer review, client validation and a verbal knowledge assessment.  The process is confidential to the participants involved and is managed primarily through online mechanisms.  

All applicants agree to uphold the global speaking Code of Conduct. This Code supplements the Code of Professional Ethics provided through the GSF member associations. The application follows a three-stage process and each stage has a number of component elements that are verified, reviewed and tested.

The application is available on this Website.



A Professional Code of Conduct

CSPGlobal presenters agree to abide by the GSF Code of Conduct for Global Speakers.  The GSF requires adherence to this code as a condition of the designation.  The purpose of the code is to assure clients that designation holders are committed to maintaining their professionalism and adhere to high standards in the conduct of providing services to clients and in their dealings with their international audiences.

Global Speaker Professional Code of Conduct 
As a CSPGlobal Speaker, I pledge to:

  • Serve clients with integrity, competence, and professionalism. 
  • Accept only those engagements for which I possess the appropriate experience and competence to provide the services requested.
  • Treat appropriately all confidential client information. 
  • Agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees, expenses, payment, and the process for managing cancelations and refunds.
  • Respect the rights of speaking colleagues and other presenters and never use their proprietary information, stories, examples, materials without permission. 
  • Respond courteously and respectfully when turning down any opportunity that does not fit with my personal ethics or legal requirements. 
  • Respect the cultural norms and requests of clients and audiences by removing images and language from presentations that are not a fit.
  • Respect interpretation professionals and treat them as valuable partners in delivering presentations.
  • Respect the meeting professionals and support their work to deliver a high-quality program.
  • Represent the global speaking profession with integrity and professionalism.
  • Apply the Global Speaker Professional Code of Conduct equally in all markets.