Global Speaking Fellow: Experienced, Credible, Globally Competent

The application for Global Speaking Fellow follows a three-stage process. Each stage has a number of component elements that are verified, reviewed, and tested. The three stages are:

Stage 1:  Document Submission and Review
Stage 2:  External Review of Applicant
Stage 3:  Internal Review of Applicant

Each stage of the application must be successfully completed before moving to the next stage. The process takes up to three months to complete from the date of application submission.

Applicants may apply:

  • Via the member’s home association website, which is linked to the secure GSF website portal.
  • Directly through the GSF website.

Stage 1: Documentation Submission and Review

Part 1: Applicant Information: contact information, CV/resume, areas of expertise, membership information
Part 2: Global Speaking Experience: dates, regions, contact information, fees (note that an independent audit is performed)
Part 3: Adherence to Professional Integrity: signature check on Code of Conduct
Part 4: Link to applicable video footage (or equivalent) 
Part 5: Submission of administrative application fee

Applicants may be asked to provide detailed information on specific engagements within their application. By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to make available the requested documentation to an independent GSF staff member reviewing the application. All documents will be kept confidential and held securely.

When Stage 1 is completed, applicant materials are verified, and this stage is passed, the External Review Process is initiated.

Stage 2: External Review of Applicant

A standardized evaluation form will be sent to a random selection of global customers provided in the documentation submission process. The responses to this form are assessed by the evaluation team, which comprises Global Speaking Fellow designation holders.

When Stage 2 is passed, the application is moved to the Internal Review Process.

Stage 3: Internal Review of Applicant

The evaluation team will assess the submitted materials and video. If additional clarification is required, a verbal interview may be scheduled with the applicant.

When Stage 3 is passed, the designation is conferred upon the applicant by their home association. Recognition of the achievement will ideally take place during their home association’s annual convention, and/or during a Global Speakers Summit.

Members who are conferred the global designation may display the Global Speaking Fellow logo on their collaterals, and notify the hiring public that they are a Global Speaking Fellow.


Stage 1: Documentation Submission and Review

  1. The home association qualifies that the applicant is a CSP or Fellow, is a member in good standing, and has no outstanding ethics violations or other sanctions by his/her member association in the last 60 months.
  1. The application then goes to the GSF where the evaluation team will determine if the applicant is speaking professionally on a global level. This is done by: verifying the completed engagement form indicating speaking experience specific to the applicant’s global work over the last 60 months. All engagements must be fee-paid or consist of same day product sales.

Minimum standards of Stage 1:

  • Total minimum of 36 in-person presentations (i.e. presenter and audience in the same location) in the most recent 60 months prior to application. 
  • Presentations must span a minimum of three (3) of the five (5) major regions identified by the United Nations, with a minimum of two (2) countries in each region.
  • Link to online video. The video must be unedited and continuous for at least 30 minutes). 
  • Global events in the domestic market may be listed when the audiences are international with a cultural- linguistics set differing from the applicant. The makeup of the audience is critical to the measure. All local-market engagements will be audited to ensure the audience was primarily different from the presenter in language and cultural practices. 
  • All engagements listed are paid, either through a fee or product sales the same day of the engagement and the applicant must submit documentation to the independent GSF staff person to verify engagements and income. The evaluation team will randomly select engagements for the audit. 

 Stage 2: External Review of Applicant 

The GSF will determine that the applicant is speaking and meeting client expectations on a global level. This is done by verifying client satisfaction and feedback via an external evaluation form on presentation work or equivalent. 

Minimum standards of Stage 2: 

  • Response from 20 or more clients to an electronic evaluation of the applicant.
  • The External Review follows a set of performance criteria and is scored based on specific behaviours that meet the criteria (e.g. such as speed of speech when working with interpreters, gestures and movement, references, and word choice).

Stage 3: Internal Review of Applicant

The evaluation team will determine that the applicant has a mastery of the global speaking competencies. This is done through a review and an assessment of the submitted materials (except for fees) and the submitted video. If there are questions or concerns, then a knowledge assessment interview (where the applicant answers questions verbally) will be conducted.

Minimum standards of Stage 3:

  • Submission of an unedited and continuous video of the presenter of at least 30-minutes in length. 
  • If required, a 30-minute knowledge assessment interview of the core competencies will be held. This will be designed to verify that the applicant has a firm grasp on the nuances of globally speaking under a variety of conditions. The assessment will be scored based on the weighted value of the competency elements. 


Based on the information provided on the application, an applicant may not meet the minimum standards to advance to the review and assessment stage.

An application will be denied if:

  • it is incomplete;
  • it does not reflect the applicant’s most recent professional experience (i.e. the application represents a timeframe outside of the most recent 60 months);
  • the information is misrepresented; and/or
  • the supporting documentation is not supplied when requested.

If an application is incomplete, the applicant will be notified and will have 30 days to correct the application, staying within the same timeframe represented in the application, and can resubmit without additional fees.

If the application remains incomplete after the 30 days, the applicant must start over and must complete the submission process representing the updated time frame.

Applications containing misrepresented information will result in the disqualification of the applicant.


If you already have the CSP or FPSA designation, apply online.

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