GSF Executive Council

The governing body of the Global Speakers Federation. It comproses:

  • Designated representatives from each full-member association (each association may appoint two representatives);
  • Officers, including the four presidential positions, Treasurer and Secretary (the officers also form the Executive Committee);
  • Past Chairmen/Presidents of the Council;
  • Representatives from candidate associations (non-voting positions).

The officers and representatives are the voting positions.

GSF Executive Committee

This is the elected presidential leadership team of the Global Speakers Federation and the appointed Secretary and Treasurer.

The presidential leadership team is comprised of the four presidential positions: Immediate Past President, Current President/Chairman of the Council, President-Elect, and Vice President.

To view the entire leadership, please click here.

ELECTIONS 2016-2017

The Global Speakers Federation is in the process of electing the future GSF 2016-2017 President. 

Each full member association holds one vote for the position. This year, two nominees are presented for consideration. An election will be held by the Executive Council, the elected individual will serve in the position of Vice President for one year, followed by one year as President-Elect, followed by one year as President, and followed by one year as Immediate Past President.