President’s Message – November 2016

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nabil-dos-2016-130New GSF Board: More than meets the eye!

As we are about to officially transition from our current Council governance model and launch the new Board structure this coming January, there is a lot of action happening below the surface…

Thanks to many of you who have actively contributed to the creation of a sound Global Speakers Federation governance model, we are looking forward to the operational benefits as well as the collaboration mindset this new structure will bring.

In the new model, essentially, each Member Association will have a seat on the new GSF Board of Directors with one vote. By default, Association Presidents will be designated to sit on that Board, however, should they not wish to do so, it will be their privilege to designate another officer of their association to represent them.

This bold step forward will ensure all Associations remain connected at top level and take an active role in the decision-making process. That means both Association Leaders and GSF Officers will be on the same team, therefore facilitating communication, promoting cross-pollination, and, more than ever, contributing to the sharing of best practices amongst affiliated members.

Following the unanimous approval of the Board structure last July at the Council meeting held in Phoenix, a tactical group originating from the Task Force who originally devised the new structure, was formed to specifically look at the Federation Bylaw – a daunting task brilliantly carried by Bob Parker, CSP, Michael Smith, Shari Bricks and Dr. John Molidor, CSP.

Two Zoom call information sessions were then held to present current Council Members and Association Presidents with the propsed Bylaw and gather their thoughts and recommendations. We thank all participants for their invaluable feedback (which has immediately been implemented by the Tactical Group) and the final Bylaw document is now pending approval by the Council (stay tuned for notice of motion coming your way in the next few days!), we will be ready to deploy our wings in mid-January.

Read more about the process below, as Bob Parker, CSP and Member at Large further explains the process.

Although this project has mobilized most of your Executive Committee’s efforts and resources for the past year, and more intensively in the past months, various committees and task forces have also been quite active…

I invite you to read on and find out what exciting projects are in the works and how you can contribute and be part of this unique Global movement in the Speaking Industry and Profession.

Together, let’s continue to unleash our G-Force!


Globally yours,
Your President,

Nabil Doss
2016-2017 GSF President
Together, let’s unleash our G-Force!