President’s Message

I live in New Zealand – a country that is blessed to witness the first rays of the rising sun that welcomes in the new day.  Some people say that I live in the future!

During the year that I serve, the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) will embark on an ambitious five-year vision.  With a changing world, we must adapt to change.  Otherwise we will become obsolete.

The members of our Associations are the thought leaders of the world and represent the best professionals in the industry.  The GSF is the peak body for the professional speaking industry. To hold this space, we have adopted a 3-phased approach:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Global Partnerships
  3. Advancement

Imagine a world where the GSF President would be sought after by the world’s media.  Where speaker’s Bureaus scramble to represent our Association’s speakers. Where your local celebrities want to join your association because they found community and value.

Imagine a world where as a leader of your association, you can access the global wisdom at no cost.

This is where Professionalism kicks in.

With an industry population of 53,006, the GSF represents a powerful economic buyer. What do speakers do and need on a regular basis to deliver their craft?

  • We travel.
  • We use technology.
  • We need a venue/accommodation.
  • We get paid.

With Global Partnerships, we can look at ways to leverage this.  At the Global Speakers Summit in 2018, we didn’t have sponsors we had partners.  By partnering with the right organizations, we can attract revenue.  This strategy requires a focused approach and a dedicated, experienced team.  We know that it is a challenge to accomplish this with a volunteer workforce.

This is where Global Partnerships kick in.

For us to advance the speaking industry we must operate with a long-term mission and intent. We need to serve the needs of all Association members, from an emerging association through to our mature founders. We can deliver this via a lean, predominantly volunteer infrastructure, we know that it will take a collaboration and a meeting of the minds.

This is where Advancement kicks in.

What does the future look like?

Imagine a world where we had experts helping us negotiate with prospective partners and get them over the line.

Imagine a world where we had a PR agency working for us and creating positive press globally.

Imagine a world where we had media approach us as the first source of comment on a topic.

Imagine a world where we had a dedicated CEO and staff that could help deliver the projects that help your association grow.

Imagine a world where we had accredited training partners that gave your members a pathway to go from emerging speaker to Certified Speaking Professional (CSP).

Imagine a world where we had partners that funded your association.

Imagine a world where we had members that could see the value of their membership.

Imagine a world where we had a website that delivered a great user experience.

Imagine a world where we had a good rap for our communication.

Imagine a world where we had engagement at all levels.


As the first country to see the rising sun and welcome in a new day, New Zealand is already living in the future.  Let me tell you that the future looks bright.

Welcome to the future.

Say hello to tomorrow!

Elias Kanaris

2018 – 2019 President of the Global Speakers Federation