Benefits of GSF Membership

Benefits of membership for GSF member associations

  1. Raise your association’s profile by being part of an expanding global community of member associations.
  2. Help to enhance the worldwide recognition of the professional speaking industry.
  3. Learn and gain support from other member associations.
  4. Provide international leadership development for association leaders.
  5. Gain access to a global library of valuable resources, templates and guidelines from member associations worldwide.
  6. Share best practices, procedures, information and resources between associations.
  7. Collaborate with other associations or chapters to gain support and exchange ideas.
  8. Develop opportunities with external organisations within the meetings industry and speakers bureaus.

Benefits for individuals who are members of GSF associations

  1. Enhance your credibility by membership of a recognized association that is part of a respected global community.
  2. Attend member associations’ regular meetings and annual conventions at special members’ rates.
  3. Learn from some of the best speakers in the world.
  4. Keep up-to-date about the latest technology and tools in our industry.
  5. Access educational opportunities to improve and advance your speaking career.
  6. Establish a network of international friends and connections with like-minded professionals.
  7. Earn a globally-recognized designation.
  8. Access valuable support and advice from the international community via social media.
  9. Learn about the variances in speaking in different global markets as well as travel and cultural specifics.
  10. Expand your speaking career globally.
  11. Create global business alliances and partnerships.
  12. Develop your leadership skills by getting involved in association or Federation leadership.

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