GSF: Your Global Connection to the World of Speaking


The GSF works with our member associations worldwide to:

  1. Provide support to member associations on forming, managing and leading associations, including sharing best practices.
  2. Build a global community of like-minded people to encourage alliances, connections and support networks.
  3. Strengthen worldwide recognition of professional speaking.

The World of Global Speaking

Being a member of the Global Speakers Federation gives professional speaking associations and their individual members unlimited access to the world of global speaking and the professional speaking industry.

Professional Speaking Associations

All over the world, professional speaking associations help individuals perfect their craft and build their business. Individual members of these associations include experts who speak professionally such as keynote speakers, trainers, facilitators, humorists, motivators, consultants, coaches, thought leaders,  and the list goes on to include anyone who uses the spoken word to influence audiences of any kind.

Global Mindset

With a global marketplace in constant evolution, there is an increased need and demand for knowledge and expertise. More than ever, as organizations around the world adopt a cross-cultural global mindset, the Global Speakers Federation provides a unique pool of expertise for its member associations, in a spirit of sharing and cross-pollination.

Global Recognition

Through the Federation’s network and global resources, associations and individuals can build worldwide connections to increase the value of our community offerings, while collectively raising our profile in the industry and beyond.

Global Possibilities

The Global Speakers Federation community is a unique gathering of associations and professionals who are proud and passionate about being part of a movement that matters. Exponential possibilities are within reach.

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